Intime town to the west of fashion jump to grab the world’s hottest fitness programs

Last week, the official newspaper of money sports micro-channel ” Hangzhou Dodo help ” for the annoying ” fat pounds during the festive season ,” launched the ” Latin rejection fat camp ” activities how hot, you know : more than 1,000 “to help help pink “hot grab 90 places to participate in training camp .

We could not withstand rejection of fat raging passion , February 22-March 1 , ” Hangzhou Dodo help ” push the second wave of emergency is still full free ” rejection fat camp ” , places 50 , this time . ” help monarch ” go to Fort comfort of the cattle fitness coach, they will take you to synchronize with the global epidemic Laimei fitness courses so crazy weight reduction – less – less .

Latin lessons had drawn winning

Let’s take the world’s most red gym jumping courses

Saturday , ” Hangzhou Dodo help ” joint comfort Fort Fitness launched the ” rejection of fat camp ” to help you the second period, with the most fashionable fitness methods , to develop a professional fitness habits , final and ” festive pounds ” say good -bye.

Phase II ” rejection fat camp ” training course includes the hottest gym courses will be divided into three courses , each course hour and a half .

“Three parts of the rejection of fat camp is Laimei course , only patented fitness club will have a genuine Laimei training .” Fort coach , director of Zhejiang comfortable Tim ( Feng Lei ) personally for the second phase of “rejection fat camp ” designed course content , ” Levin U.S. curriculum is updated every three months , the course content around the world tens of thousands of large-scale professional fitness club is the same, at Fort comfort most of these courses are also members welcome. and I must emphasize that these courses for men and women , exercise is very large, fat loss shaping effect is very good . ”

Consumption of one thousand calories a lesson

Ode to the equivalent of one thousand Iraqi tangled fried chicken plus beer calories

Current ” Rejection fat camp ” course content includes: Cardio kickboxing , core training , rhythm and barbell shaping the ball , but every time after the end of training content , the coach will be against everyone and participants in the training fat loss issues raised professional answer.

” The course is very fashionable Hey , like Cardio kickboxing from a series of fighting fighting action , will combine the Chinese martial arts, Muay Thai , western boxing, karate , taekwondo , etc. together to improve the body’s strength and flexibility , can consume large amounts of calories. , so to speak , the amount of each training course almost all of about a thousand calories , is to let the goddess of thousands of Korean fried chicken Chung Iraq tangled plus beer calories, ha ha . “Tim introduced the training courses involving to the buttocks, abdomen and other areas vulnerable to the accumulation of fat , “serious completed three courses of training someone has been able to estimate a couple of pounds of weight loss , at least , are able to grasp what is an effective way of fitness .”

You practice with handsome Way

Zero is still zero threshold participation fee

Phase II ” rejection fat camp ” Starting from this Saturday , including three courses , specific time : Feb 22日( Saturday) afternoon from 14:00 to 15:30,2 May 27 (周四) 19: 00 ~ 20:30,3 May 1 ( Saturday) afternoon from 14:00 to 15:30 .

Venue: Fort Story comfortable Intime store ( Fung Tam Road 380 west of the city Intime 7th Floor , Block E , No. 11, 12 elevators direct ) .

Fort Story comfortable Intime shop area of ​​6,000 square meters, according to Chief Operating Officer Wang Xiaoting Fort pleasant introduction, the newly opened west of Hangzhou Intime shop is currently the largest fitness club , the VIP store belonging to Fort comfortable , there are heated swimming pool, indoor golf , squash, boxing , membership cards , but a little expensive Oh.


If the application is successful, everyone involved in addition to free three course ‘rejection of fat camp “, but also free to experience the venue of the heated swimming pool, sauna and shower area and equipment.

What are you waiting for? Intime tired, eat more, follow upstairs “to help the king ‘rejection of fat go.

Phase II “rejection fat camp” entry way, be sure to see the other made ​​a mistake, oh:

Send registration instructions “comfort fort” to “Hangzhou Dodo help” fill in the correct information in accordance with the registration page prompts to complete the registration.

Application deadline at 12:00 on February 20, zero cost activities, raffle produce the final list of 50.

PS: The list of winners will be the final 50 through Feb. 20 at night, “Hangzhou Dodo help” micro-channel push, please pay attention. Meanwhile, when the Saturday class, please forward sportswear, sports shoes admission, but bring their own towels and convenient after-bath.


Nestle, L’Oreal from the hands of 8% of the shares repurchased by the Company

The world’s largest cosmetics group L’Oreal announced the repurchase of shares of 8% of the Group’s holding the hands of the Swiss company Nestle. The acquisition is no need to use L’Oreal held Sanofi (Sanofi) pharmaceutical companies.     The strategic acquisition of the Shares relates 48500000.L’Oreal and Nestle said in a joint statement, the two groups met the previous day when the board unanimously adopted the acquisition agreement.

Miss Candy Collection Model

To raise funds, L’Oreal will hold 50% of the sale of high beauty (Galderma) shares plus € 3.4 billion in cash. High beauty company L’Oreal and Nestle is a joint venture company established a market capitalization of 3.1 billion euros.     Both sides adopted the L’Oreal Group’s average share price between 11 November 2013 to February 2014 10 Date, ie € 124.48 in the calculation of the transaction amount.

You can buy fashion accessories or Shop fashion accessories on online stores for better deals.Repurchased shares will be canceled, which will allow the family to the L’Oreal Group founder, Petain shares increased from 30.6% to 33.1% held by the ancient family.     Instead, Nestle shares fell by 29.4% to 23.29%, which led to it by the L’Oreal Group’s three board seats to 2 people.     The transaction will be finalized at the end the first half.     Nestle and the Bettencourt family decades ago had signed a pre-emption agreement other options. However, the agreement will expire in April this year. So the market has always been expected to be a similar transaction agreement.     L’Oreal stressed that the acquisition held without use of Sanofi Group (Sanofi) pharmaceutical companies. Since the acquisition of the “cash” portion of the Group’s own funds and by issuing short-term bonds to raise.     Therefore, if necessary, the French L’Oreal Group still has the ability to acquire the remaining shares held by Nestle’s hands again.     Swiss Nestle said, “Although underweight L’Oreal shares, but Nestle will continue to cooperate more than 40 years, this company’s development assistance.”     “To this end, Nestle and the Bettencourt family will work together to re-adjust the original agreement will continue to adapt to new circumstances.”

How to dress smartly this winter?

So winter is here, people are cuddling up because of lack of those extra warm clothes.  Your best bet is to get a proper apparel that keeps you warm and a good rate and also good quality. Investing in winter wear is a comfortable idea since you know it will keep you safe and make it look trending in the cold weather. The only problem is the fabric and material is changing every year making winter wear light, warm, waterproof and still keeping the colors alive along with the fashion trend. This could be very confusing to decide to get warmer or not lose the fashion reputation.

Men’s Fashion Design Solid Color Flannel Zippered Knitted Hoodie (2)-500x500

I consider the best way to dress up for a winter walk or outing is to just add layers instead of a couple of very warm clothes because this will let you manage the temperature of your body according to the climate of the environment by just removing a layer if it’s a bit warm.

First, let’s start with the inners; nothing to get shy off it can make a good difference. Get a good pair of thermal wear made of polyester or synthetic or fiber. This will keep you warm and comfortable all day. The advantage is that even in winter you sweat and this will keep you safe from getting those ugly rashes.

Women's Contrast Color Round Collar Mid Sleeve Knitwear Sweater One Size Fits Most _1-500x500-500x500

The layer is the middle layer which will come onto the body directly.  These include vests, sweaters, sweatshirts and pullovers.  This layer will keep most of the cold outside and keep the body heat trapped inside to keep you warm.

The best one and my favorite is wool which keeps away most of the moisture and keeps the body warm.  Wool has a unique way of keeping the body warm, trapping most of the heat at the body and not letting the cold to pass through which keeps you dry and comfortable.
There are also variety of choices of jackets to wear in winter, trendy and colorful and an awesome way to keep the cold away. Hoods are also a good choice since they can double as a tee shirt look with comfort and to add to it the ability of pockets.

2013 Autumn Winter New Women Girls Turtle Neck Slim Design Long Sleeve Sweater Thick Warm Pullover Knitwear (2)-500x500
Most people tend to ignore the head wear but that is not a good idea since your body heat can escape and though you’re all covered you can get really cool chills down your back and that is really not so cool. Get a hat or cap or even a head band along with that some cool sunglasses to cut the rays cutting into your eyes since the sunlight can actually hurt even though its winter.

Most important, gloves for the hands which could be a choice of waterproof the advantage being, making snowballs and flinging them at each and not bothering of the freezing red hands later as well as some cute socks to keep the feet warm!

Anna Wintour better than Marc Jacobs in Prada coat designs

Anna Wintour can always do better than whatever Marc Jacobs can do, that was a message sent out last night in the Girls third season premier.


Having spotted New York planner Marc sashaying around St Barts a week ago in a rainbow-designed hide cover from Prada’s spring/summer ’14 gathering, Wintour got on the blower to fashioner Miuccia and put her name alongside a layer of explanation caliber. Marc’s Prada may have gloated strong red, green and blue stripes melded with a conceptual daylight, however Anna picked one of the more unpredictable to-wear hides with a representation of a woman’s face decorated over the center.


It was with a demeanor of conceited information that she had bested individual Prada fan Marc that she graced celebrity lane with Girls inventor Lena Dunham, who Anna is apparently courting for her first Vogue spread. For Marc and Anna have been included in an exceptional old ‘who wore it best? Caught on Polaroid by Teen Vogue manager Amy Astley at a New York screening of The Great Gatsby, Marc and Anna modeled precisely the same monochrome Prada spring/summer ’13 coat. Still, as Muiccia Prada’s plans get bolder, its exceptional to see that not, one or the other fashion decipher is bowing of the flash-off simply yet.

“Last mile” Chinese apparel between merchants and outside

In spite of the fact that influenced by the monetary downturn, the retail business crosswise over China a descending pattern, numerous business land ventures likewise endured “chilly” and can not finish the mission which expedited the opening of the venture of time postponements, yet constantly extending Chinese working class populace and remote attire market advancement in sharp differentiation to the astounding speed, or let outside brands to enter the Chinese business sector request. Thus, a mixed bag of garments in China ordered by getting proficient display in Asia and far and wide, numerous attire brands to test the water first stop of the Chinese market. 201392510212 july 17, 2013, the Fourth NOVOMANIA Shanghai International Fashion Fair great opening of the brand in Shanghai Mart presentation keeps going three days. Not surprisingly, this is a display brands, generally from abroad, in excess of a hundred fashion brands from Europe, America, Japan, Korea and Greater China, what added up to 19 nations and areas introduced their most recent fashions shows incorporating pants craze, crazes , the pattern of road buzz, footwear adornments, attire and current advancement and fashion retail administrations and different ranges; painstakingly arranged intuitive exercises vividly understanding of the soul and fashion patterns demeanor: French temperament pants brand LE TEMPS DES CERISES, the well known Italian Tide brand Novemb3r, examplary American tooling brand Dickies, American style retro denim brand Robin’s JEAN, South Korean national fortune originator Lee Sang Bong brands LIE spring and summer arrangement, and numerous different brands are in an exceptional style corner showcase exhibits the force of the brand; family unit The Spanish brand MANGO, American Cowboy Joe’s, by the Han looked for after architect footwear brands Sue Comma Bonnie, strive to purchasers’ faculties to revel in the delight “of the UR commitment to an eminent element show; expansion, NOVOMANIA in the not so distant future first” Chinese neighborhood unique Brands and Design “, the presentation planner brands have ten separate characteristics, turned into a highlight. As Mr. NOVOMANIA general administrator Guilherme Faria said: “NOVOMANIA 2013 exertion to give a higher nature of exhibitors and guests for business partner participation, is a spot where fashion meets chance, an oriental combination of western stage, it is a rich ground for chances to touch hair , China’s article of clothing industry will carry more chances and chances! ” “we need to come to Shanghai!” china’s enormous shopper business indicated potential to pull in more worldwide brands to seize the Chinese business throughout Novomania2013, numerous originator brands are directly went to the gathering site crowd, their confronts unmistakably says “we think China, we anticipate that Shanghai will!. ” nana Lee first display of Korean really popular fashioner Lee Sang Bong brands LIE by Lie Sang Bong executive, said: “We have elevated requirements for NOVOMANIA 2013, which not just make our items to enter the Chinese market, the new stage, and for China purchasers concerned, they generally won’t require an exceptional outing to Paris or New York, you can see our shiny new items, it is to be sure an exceptionally energizing thing! ” 2013925102050 france uniqueness pants brand LE TEMPS DES CERISES trade organizations have been built in Beijing, has entered trial operation in Beijing Xidan, “Lafayette.” Du official chief of the organization, said in a meeting:. “When you need to stretch the business in China, we need to take the long view, keeping tabs on what’s to come,” he put the objective of its own brand as “meet China keep on developing, the number has more than 3 million white collar class fashion needs. ” exhibitors from abroad uncovered the Chinese market acknowledgement of its items valued much higher than they anticipated. “The show held throughout the advancing transactions with our shopping centers and business land is really that they have on our items communicated an in number investment.” Brigade Fox International, Inc. Cheng-Hong Chen, general supervisor of Taiwan, told columnists, “We are in this presentation NOVOMANIA brands and items precisely chose, in view of the present advancements in the Chinese market, we will be their target business sector positioning in the high-end business sector, chose brands are likewise well-known in Europe than the brand exhibitors. in the first place presentation a year ago, we profound comprehension of the Chinese advertise so it is a little dread, yet after various shopping plazas and channels with franchisees to arrange, we found that the Chinese business sector is excessively astounding that numerous guests from the shopping center let me know that the cost of our brand positioning in the Chinese shopping center there is far reaching, is not high, Mouwang off the stage in the not so distant future and last have requested our products, we are loaded with trust in China’s improvement. ” 2013925102024 apart astonished at China’s colossal business sector potential in the clothing utilization, the configuration for the brand and nature of the item itself, Chinese purchasers likewise have their special inclination. In the shoe planner from Korea appears that the Chinese advertise lately, interest for customized clothing utilization, additionally to outside architect brands give an enormous space for advancement, “This is our brand’s high-close arrangement, the lead high-end Personalized fashion shoes for the performing artist, woman dress has an in number temperament, for example, the hunt for high-close shoppers as of late, China tried to European and American clothes styles, so our brand is intended to have an essentially contrasted with Chinese down home brands in the preference. ” similarly to the high-close denim garments architect as a target market for American Robin’s Chretien on what’s to come advancement of the brand in China additionally have elevated requirements, he said: “I think we like this style of denim clothing market in China will be all the more later on . “the show he found that Asian purchasers lean toward additional” chic “cattle rustler single item. “Our target purchaser is for the most part focused at the age of 25.

The apparel goliath is discharging another physical wear accumulation starting one year from now



Swedish retail clothes titan H&m is looking to get into the fitness showcase by discharging another line of creator sportswear.

The new clothes line called H&m Sports will offer sports attire, for example, wears bras, shirts, shorts, track pants, water-repellent and windproof coats, and wool things. The gathering will have pieces for men, ladies, and kids.

The games accumulation will offer things that were composed with info from competitors of the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic groups. H&m proclaimed in April that the organization will be equipping the competitors at the approaching Sochi 2013 Winter Olympics in Russia and the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.



In a press discharge, Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Head of Design at H&m, said,

The new H&m Sport is so energizing, particularly with the master enter from players from the Swedish Olympic group. Game and fitness is turning into an undeniably vital a piece of the sum of our lifestyles, and the new H&m Sport is there to help you look and feel incredible.

Swedish swimmer and Olympic medallist Therese Alshammar said,

What we wear without a doubt has an effect when we contend. It’s been an incredible experience to offer our guidance for this recently stretched H&m Sport accumulation. Our center has been checking the pieces for fit and capacity, for execution and additionally comfort. These new H&m Sport pieces will help everybody get the most out of their wearing life.

Angora Sweaters a NO , Yes a Bunny for Fashion Brands


Disappointment for some because none of the angora sweaters for Christmas because fashion brands are making bunny happiness for sales this December.

Marks that neglect to get on the temporary fad right now are set to look pretty terrible. Crevice, case in point, has not yet been able ready for, to Peta. Also the way that tortured bunnies is a really effective picture — maybe enough to get a lot of customers to quit shopping the fabric. However, provided that you need to there’s still a not too bad measure on destinations like Net-a-Porter and Shop


Marks that neglect to get on the temporary fad right now are set to look pretty awful. Hole, case in point, has not yet been able ready for, to Peta. Also the way that tortured bunnies is a really compelling picture — maybe enough to get a lot of shoppers to quit shopping the fabric. However, assuming that you need to there’s still an average sum on locales like Net-a-Porter and Shopstyle.

So does this mean the close of angora? Possibly. Numerous brands said they might be making visits to angora offices to direct assessments.

Concerning a more moral elective, Peta additionally prescribes keeping away from downy, silk, shearling, alpaca, mohair and down. (See the association’s full veggie lover shopping guide here.) However, while it may not consider vegetarian, alpaca is rising as a popular and luxury new sweater fabric alternative. Also, as this story portions, the fabric is sourced reasonably and morally.