# KerraMiaoZhou # 2013 spring and summer in New York / Pointed directed at the queen wind

You prefer round ballet flats princess, queen or persistent pointed high heels it? I say, love chuck heels, and she began to have serious addiction collection! Active in recent years, the T station and shot in the street pointed shoes originated in France in the fourteenth century, was considered “evil and lewdness.” Because thin pointed toe will fully stretched instep arch sexy look more slender upright; distinctly sharp triangle pointing to the front, looked sharp and strong temperament! In fashion circles, pointed high-heeled shoes (pointy heels or pointed heels) worked in the late 1990s early 1900s all the rage, and in 2012 autumn and winter fashion once again return to the focus, and continued into the 2013 spring and summer and early autumn. Then, just to share my favorite designers Pointed several brands of interesting and innovative.

Alexander Wang 2013 spring and summer (images from Instagram: kerramiaozhou) This is my favorite pair of gray python print leather, wide straps design reflects the neutral temperament, appears precisely in place a strong doping among some men’s sloppy.


Alexander Wang 2013 spring show field background figure, the models were wearing pointed high heels waiting appearances, AW coup that ankle leather straps.


This pair is Alexander Wang 2013 spring and summer, calfskin and suede mixed material, the volume of a chunky heel is more conducive than fine with walking. (Images from Instagram: kerramiaozhou)

Another Icon Victoria Beckham is always dressed in different styles pointed high-heeled shoes, like the Beckhams queen gas field appropriate. However, precisely because of obsession pointed high-heeled shoes, the Beckhams come to the hallux valgus problems. She needs surgery nor abandon pointed high-heeled shoes of the “dedication” spirit of the fashion world is also ignited. Of course, to health-based, pointed high-heeled shoes to wear for a long time really will be tired to toe, so do not over “obsession” Oh!

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