Women elegant for winter when –13/14 Paris Women Accessories Top5

Approaching a few quarters has been elegantly in the 13/14 winter Paris T stage, elegant finally settled the ultimate feminine look. Weather Schools in 1950s style ladies, or the wealthy ladies of 1940s, elegance is understated to extravagant feminine style appearance, and in recognizable in the trend of the 13/14 autumn and winter women’s accessories affix labels.


Pastel pink rouge

Since the 2013 spring and summer began, pastel candy colors become T stage soft colors typical of wind movement. This trend continued to 13 Winter continuation of the development of women’s candy colors is one of the main bright. From the point of view accessories, soft pink rouge swept from shoes, bags to scarves, glasses and other fields; shine color gives the effect of an elegant accessory, while women born with a contemporary style is fully reconcile full contour. Which, Sonia Rykiel rouge pink mohair crochet leather uppers and the same color with very creative.

Learn Tip: This is a seductive and equally suitable for Asian skin color, but it does not mean you can use a large area.

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Cosmetic Clutch Bag

Delicate dressing style clutch bag is 13 winter “party essential.” Paris T stage, the major brands have launched a style different styles of dressing style clutch bag. Valentino’s turquoise clutch bag with the same color dress with delightful; while Chanel’s ball bag refreshing. Overall, the lengthening of the box-shaped profile is the focus of this season vanity bag; rather minimalist decor with polished ornaments and other details is to create a modern sense of luxury.

Learn Tip: 13 Fall parties and important occasions “Must Have”. Its decorative than practical, concise dressing your memory on the right.
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Ankle strap stiletto heels

Hard to imagine missing a pair of ankle strap stiletto heels of women will be an elegant woman. Has been to create an elegant ankle strap shoes are sexy goddess focus so that the ankle to the toes of their show women style. But in the 13 spring and summer fashion in a wide ankle strap in 13 winter again return to the thin ankle strap: Lanvin, Louis Vuitton spring naturally thin ankle strap heels infinite; Elie Saab’s color charge coupled bundled ankle strap quite bright; while Amaya Arzuaga contoured heel ankle strap shoes are more creative.

Learn Tip: This is the 13 autumn and winter to create an elegant style of the “must-shoes.” Whether velvet ribbon party style bright skin or open-toed random style, can be chosen in different occasions. Of course, with thin ankle strap stiletto also more sexy toes gives a sense of the mean, which is the need to challenge the aesthetic taste.

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Silver high heels

Paris T stage in the season, metallic leather accessories are widely used in; which is the most important silver metallic color, with elegant lady style shoes combine to create outside ankle strap stiletto heels Another toe luxury style. Dries Van Noten is particularly fond of silver high heels this season, a variety of fine silver ankle strap shoes party occasions overhangs create the effect. The Paco Rabanne silver T shoes are filled with futuristic décor.

Learn Tip: This is a day of shoes does more for the party or important occasion. The unusual life for consumers, the overly high profile Bling sense is not suitable, or less try to do it!

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Box Kua (carry) package

The box has a practical outline Kua (carry) dual-use package is undoubtedly 13/14 autumn and winter main commercial section of the package. Dolce & Gabbana’s poppy red bag very 50’s retro seductive style; Chanel, Chloe and Lanvin bag has a simple and neat silhouette, emphasizing the right proportions and decorative details and structured. And Elie Saab and Loewe bags more delicate, more suitable Messenger. Wherein the metal chains are important details.

Learn Tip: This is the 13 autumn and winter very commercial one package, but also very functional. Whether messenger or hand carry, either party or everyday work, whether girls or mature women, you can choose different styles, suited to their own section of the package.

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  1. those stiletto heels are just PERFECT :*…i wish i could get same stilettos. you are awesome i want to read more and more about this topic… ❤

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