Flashy roaring years: “The Great Gatsby” Women Style




In the past more than a year to be regarded as a big fashion event “The Great Gatsby” finally screened in the country in the near future. By the Baz Luhrmann directed this version seems destined to be one of the most flashy version.

With the 1920s the United States is agonistic upper social life of sidewalks, stylish and luxurious shine dressing up scene, mixed with a variety of modern jazz, popular tunes, even in our heart for the gatsby sad ending when the film still everywhere reveals the impression of form than content.

Through the form we see the real of the “Roaring Age”, felt that flooded with desire, noisy industrial waste money and the United States. Of course, there’s that roaring brought glitz and dreams, though distant, but still, beautiful, and is sufficient to become style inspiration.

“The Great Gatsby” back to the 1920s, this is an Art Deco style as the main Dickau artistic era. Dickau art features is more inclined to use the straight-line shape, so it is a straight-shaped silhouette dominated era, filled with low waist straight dress, low waist, loose dresses and shawls. Represents the waist down with the previous concept of a completely different aesthetic changes: Put the fun center for women’s fashion from the chest transferred to a flat stomach, which is a more girl-oriented aesthetic tendencies. While under the influence of Dickau Art of a single product from the 1920s jazz-style evening dress low-cut jumpsuit skirt to dress, etc. had been involved.
184_14182_918_04S 184_14182_918_08S
Roaring Twenties is a high speed Nuggets, publicity wanton era, countless shining light metallic colors are wantonly Applications: Gold, Silver, non-ferrous metals as well as from the bright colors of jewelry, they represent wealth and prosperity with the relevant aesthetic, can be completed in an instant flashy unlimited imagination. Dickau aesthetic with matching soft jelly color from ivory, lilac and purple to green algae is another one trend, combined with the soft transparent laminated fabrics and exquisite ornate embroidery.
184_14182_918_07S 184_14182_918_10S



On Art Deco, the linear and geometric, flowers, and other plug-in patterns are the typical printing. The 1920s textile designer Sonia Delaunay’s work became the trend of Art Deco print cornerstone feature is a pattern element geometry, including concentric circles, alternating color diamond, square, triangle, Z-shaped and diagonal so on. Of course, based on modern improvements, a plurality of the 1920s style of printing rolled entirely feasible.

184_14182_918_06S 184_14182_918_03S


Art Deco decorative arts, and flashy movie is given enough space to express their. Inspired by the 1920s and 1930s tea dresses, countless bows and lace flounced bring stunning decoration. The Art allover embroidery and placement patterned decoration, decorative, and oversize beaded crystal and sequin embroidery, costumes for the party to add a sense of drama. Another feather and fur is an essential element.

184_14182_918_01S 184_14182_918_02S

Bell-shaped hat (Acloche Hat) is widely welcomed by women 1920s hat, the hat tone is enough of an era. Little hat close female head, usually on one side of the cap bows and other decorative flowers or feathers, even more charming. The T-shaped structure stilettos 1920s is also typical of a single product, T-belt and stiletto silhouetted against each other, let us seems like an elegant dance accompanied by the gradual dissipation of the 1920s through to that.



2 thoughts on “Flashy roaring years: “The Great Gatsby” Women Style”

  1. bead necklaces and furry dresses are beautiful..but dark lipsticks are quite Gothic…the geometric shapes in costume are back into fashion…overall i liked this post..

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