London Fashion Week Spring 2014 Trends Courier

Coming in full force, as the fashion capital of London is emerging  with 14 London Fashion Week spring and summer to attract a large number of buyers from Asia and the United States, and both London Fashion Week’s top mature brand’s return. There are also emerging designers and brands into the international perspective. Undoubtedly, 14 London Fashion Week Spring full of creative and unique urban style fashion focus back-ground. The following is a London Fashion Week trends quickly review.

Style : Woman flower

Hard to imagine that 14 spring and summer show in London is surrounded by the atmosphere of the feminine, which is almost the impression of the subversion of the traditional London. Fashion, fresh, soft contours, pale pink color, lots of lace, perspective fabric; countless petals, lotus leaf and beautiful printing; designers have recourse nature of feminine beauty. Burberry Prorsum in London as a top brand T stage of the “woman blossoming,” was the best interpretation: Not very thin before the iconic silhouette, replaced by a more flexible package shape, such as a rose bud. Pencil skirt is a series of core, carved female sexy lace fabric exhibition, with a soft hit color jacket or shirt. The brand’s iconic trench coat also has a gentle drape characteristic, more generous rounded contour. In addition a large number of flowers pink tones, mosaic crystal embroidered lace and jewellery, this is the series that pushed the edge of the feminine to the extremes.

Christopher Kane is an alternative feminine style: the separation of the flower shape or more elements with science experiments meant to create a combination of hard and soft futuristic lady style. Erdem similarly to create a delicate lace inspiration from historical and contemporary romanticism redesigned feminine style.


Burberry Prorsum


Christopher Kane




Feminine colors

As a feminine style with pink flowers complement the system, London T is one stage where every color is complimented. From rose pink, mint green to blue vector chrysanthemum and Roland purple or simple or as bud-like wrap silhouette, combined with lace, embroidery yarns and fabrics transparent subtle changes in color dream delicate flower.




Burberry Prorsum




Streamer metal

Flowing metallic fabric show in New York is also noteworthy trend, but its show in London is further carried forward. Christopher Kane Dress polychromatic with mixed expression as described previously futuristic lady image; while warm golden Antipodium is not sharp, but very blur.


Christopher Kane





London is the best at printing, no doubt. Holly Fulton season brings amazing finds in printing design: She hinted craft shows image of inspiration, the complex sense of embroidered and decorative collage effects in-to printed forms of expression, and in innovative fabrics and 1970s-style silhouette combined. Her indigo color and oriental traditional printing even have the same purpose. Mary Katrantzou printing unparalleled creativity, inspired by his shoes, from shoes to rococo beaded lace gown decorated flat shoes, the ubiquitous “shoes” printing and garment tailoring and silhouette seamless integration, to create surreal doctrine printing event.




Holly Fulton



Mary Katrantzou



Perhaps by “The Great Gates ” impact of 1920s-style T-strap stiletto heels again appeared in the London show battlefield. Covered in Burberry T station on petals, under a variety of pink flowers against the background is sexy T-strap stiletto heels, a little change is the wider T-strap. In New York, a very popular show floor clutch bag in London show floor is also important accessories single product. The difference is a relief-like flower decoration or print that makes the London clutch bag also exceptionally feminine.




Burberry Prorsum





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  1. well i am impressed by this post….its really amazing to read from someone who really understands what fashion is.Pictures are awesome..i would love to read more about this..

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