Stylish new way of tying scarfs


The oldies also had fashion designer, one name being Schiaparelli designs seem to recall itseld bringing many dreams and topics of the fashion world. The light on her and Coco channel in 1930s. The great old turban portrait brought fresh and stylish views of new scarfs and the way they are tied. November 1944 was a turban momentum when it was the most prosperous period in the U.S. fashion magazines. Elsa starting in the first quarter Schiaparelli introduced a harbinger everyone stunning pink turban, other top Paris millinery designer then have followed suit, until the 1960s, yet partly broken.

The earliest Paris turban craze in the sixteenth century, as seen Turkey turban and provoke sparks into the nineteenth century, after the Napoleonic expedition to Egypt, which brought Westerners oriental.Turbans again into the Western fashion, the 1920s were re-designed apparel improvement guru Paul Poiret revival. Big woman Simone de Beauvoir also turban lovers, Italian directing Fellini movie actress who also has many of the same shape, in the old photos in Monroe, as well as a group photo with Isak Dinnesen, which bit Danish writer is turbaned and wearing an elegant gray suit plus a fur coat.


1150291_1378713985MKij.jpg 1150291_137871361071z1.jpg 1150291_1378713952h5z0.jpg 1150291_1378714062ne62.jpg 1150291_1378714298nK2r.jpg

Visiting city hall in Paris in that field “Grace Kelly years” exhibition, I have the final bend in the hall and saw a group of Grace for some time in the last photo, she got the convertible, wearing her like small round sunglasses. Qing Yang, all the way from Feishi, a scarf wrapped around the fair. This classic style princess, in this quarter, has also become the brightest Street beat up people to emulate the prototype.Fashion Week Street photos to see if a similar dress followers Miroslava Duma, Giovanna Battaglia and so on.

These ancient celebrities on their turban modern interpretation, as well as the original national colors turban very different styles of clothing with by showing a different fashion, or by Nicolas Ghesquiere design 2007/2008 autumn and winter designs that field BALENCIAGA the proposed concept is appropriate to explain, “This is a hybrid fashion, a street fashion mixed in color and detail filled with a strong culture of color.”

2013 spring and summer bring a wave of popularity, clinging you to create a more fashionable stylish modern romantic temperament to Dolce & Gabbana for the most, ethnic clothing coupled with gas bar in the model’s hairline to the head of the retro printed scarves, woven wind earrings and back tail flowing turbans make a woman look more graceful while swaying and moving. The overall shape fills the summer holiday mood. Marc by Marc Jacobs or Max mara the show floor, monochrome geometric print scarf or tie on top of the wave is also the use of a very violent, with a scarf that you can quickly create a sexy style recipe.In this way any time want to start a trip to the coast in the summer, it seems particularly worth to try.


1150291_1378714333269p.jpg 1150291_13787143669Ov1.jpgRead more about turbans here


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