Anna Wintour better than Marc Jacobs in Prada coat designs

Anna Wintour can always do better than whatever Marc Jacobs can do, that was a message sent out last night in the Girls third season premier.


Having spotted New York planner Marc sashaying around St Barts a week ago in a rainbow-designed hide cover from Prada’s spring/summer ’14 gathering, Wintour got on the blower to fashioner Miuccia and put her name alongside a layer of explanation caliber. Marc’s Prada may have gloated strong red, green and blue stripes melded with a conceptual daylight, however Anna picked one of the more unpredictable to-wear hides with a representation of a woman’s face decorated over the center.


It was with a demeanor of conceited information that she had bested individual Prada fan Marc that she graced celebrity lane with Girls inventor Lena Dunham, who Anna is apparently courting for her first Vogue spread. For Marc and Anna have been included in an exceptional old ‘who wore it best? Caught on Polaroid by Teen Vogue manager Amy Astley at a New York screening of The Great Gatsby, Marc and Anna modeled precisely the same monochrome Prada spring/summer ’13 coat. Still, as Muiccia Prada’s plans get bolder, its exceptional to see that not, one or the other fashion decipher is bowing of the flash-off simply yet.


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