How to dress smartly this winter?

So winter is here, people are cuddling up because of lack of those extra warm clothes.  Your best bet is to get a proper apparel that keeps you warm and a good rate and also good quality. Investing in winter wear is a comfortable idea since you know it will keep you safe and make it look trending in the cold weather. The only problem is the fabric and material is changing every year making winter wear light, warm, waterproof and still keeping the colors alive along with the fashion trend. This could be very confusing to decide to get warmer or not lose the fashion reputation.

Men’s Fashion Design Solid Color Flannel Zippered Knitted Hoodie (2)-500x500

I consider the best way to dress up for a winter walk or outing is to just add layers instead of a couple of very warm clothes because this will let you manage the temperature of your body according to the climate of the environment by just removing a layer if it’s a bit warm.

First, let’s start with the inners; nothing to get shy off it can make a good difference. Get a good pair of thermal wear made of polyester or synthetic or fiber. This will keep you warm and comfortable all day. The advantage is that even in winter you sweat and this will keep you safe from getting those ugly rashes.

Women's Contrast Color Round Collar Mid Sleeve Knitwear Sweater One Size Fits Most _1-500x500-500x500

The layer is the middle layer which will come onto the body directly.  These include vests, sweaters, sweatshirts and pullovers.  This layer will keep most of the cold outside and keep the body heat trapped inside to keep you warm.

The best one and my favorite is wool which keeps away most of the moisture and keeps the body warm.  Wool has a unique way of keeping the body warm, trapping most of the heat at the body and not letting the cold to pass through which keeps you dry and comfortable.
There are also variety of choices of jackets to wear in winter, trendy and colorful and an awesome way to keep the cold away. Hoods are also a good choice since they can double as a tee shirt look with comfort and to add to it the ability of pockets.

2013 Autumn Winter New Women Girls Turtle Neck Slim Design Long Sleeve Sweater Thick Warm Pullover Knitwear (2)-500x500
Most people tend to ignore the head wear but that is not a good idea since your body heat can escape and though you’re all covered you can get really cool chills down your back and that is really not so cool. Get a hat or cap or even a head band along with that some cool sunglasses to cut the rays cutting into your eyes since the sunlight can actually hurt even though its winter.

Most important, gloves for the hands which could be a choice of waterproof the advantage being, making snowballs and flinging them at each and not bothering of the freezing red hands later as well as some cute socks to keep the feet warm!


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