Intime town to the west of fashion jump to grab the world’s hottest fitness programs

Last week, the official newspaper of money sports micro-channel ” Hangzhou Dodo help ” for the annoying ” fat pounds during the festive season ,” launched the ” Latin rejection fat camp ” activities how hot, you know : more than 1,000 “to help help pink “hot grab 90 places to participate in training camp .

We could not withstand rejection of fat raging passion , February 22-March 1 , ” Hangzhou Dodo help ” push the second wave of emergency is still full free ” rejection fat camp ” , places 50 , this time . ” help monarch ” go to Fort comfort of the cattle fitness coach, they will take you to synchronize with the global epidemic Laimei fitness courses so crazy weight reduction – less – less .

Latin lessons had drawn winning

Let’s take the world’s most red gym jumping courses

Saturday , ” Hangzhou Dodo help ” joint comfort Fort Fitness launched the ” rejection of fat camp ” to help you the second period, with the most fashionable fitness methods , to develop a professional fitness habits , final and ” festive pounds ” say good -bye.

Phase II ” rejection fat camp ” training course includes the hottest gym courses will be divided into three courses , each course hour and a half .

“Three parts of the rejection of fat camp is Laimei course , only patented fitness club will have a genuine Laimei training .” Fort coach , director of Zhejiang comfortable Tim ( Feng Lei ) personally for the second phase of “rejection fat camp ” designed course content , ” Levin U.S. curriculum is updated every three months , the course content around the world tens of thousands of large-scale professional fitness club is the same, at Fort comfort most of these courses are also members welcome. and I must emphasize that these courses for men and women , exercise is very large, fat loss shaping effect is very good . ”

Consumption of one thousand calories a lesson

Ode to the equivalent of one thousand Iraqi tangled fried chicken plus beer calories

Current ” Rejection fat camp ” course content includes: Cardio kickboxing , core training , rhythm and barbell shaping the ball , but every time after the end of training content , the coach will be against everyone and participants in the training fat loss issues raised professional answer.

” The course is very fashionable Hey , like Cardio kickboxing from a series of fighting fighting action , will combine the Chinese martial arts, Muay Thai , western boxing, karate , taekwondo , etc. together to improve the body’s strength and flexibility , can consume large amounts of calories. , so to speak , the amount of each training course almost all of about a thousand calories , is to let the goddess of thousands of Korean fried chicken Chung Iraq tangled plus beer calories, ha ha . “Tim introduced the training courses involving to the buttocks, abdomen and other areas vulnerable to the accumulation of fat , “serious completed three courses of training someone has been able to estimate a couple of pounds of weight loss , at least , are able to grasp what is an effective way of fitness .”

You practice with handsome Way

Zero is still zero threshold participation fee

Phase II ” rejection fat camp ” Starting from this Saturday , including three courses , specific time : Feb 22日( Saturday) afternoon from 14:00 to 15:30,2 May 27 (周四) 19: 00 ~ 20:30,3 May 1 ( Saturday) afternoon from 14:00 to 15:30 .

Venue: Fort Story comfortable Intime store ( Fung Tam Road 380 west of the city Intime 7th Floor , Block E , No. 11, 12 elevators direct ) .

Fort Story comfortable Intime shop area of ​​6,000 square meters, according to Chief Operating Officer Wang Xiaoting Fort pleasant introduction, the newly opened west of Hangzhou Intime shop is currently the largest fitness club , the VIP store belonging to Fort comfortable , there are heated swimming pool, indoor golf , squash, boxing , membership cards , but a little expensive Oh.


If the application is successful, everyone involved in addition to free three course ‘rejection of fat camp “, but also free to experience the venue of the heated swimming pool, sauna and shower area and equipment.

What are you waiting for? Intime tired, eat more, follow upstairs “to help the king ‘rejection of fat go.

Phase II “rejection fat camp” entry way, be sure to see the other made ​​a mistake, oh:

Send registration instructions “comfort fort” to “Hangzhou Dodo help” fill in the correct information in accordance with the registration page prompts to complete the registration.

Application deadline at 12:00 on February 20, zero cost activities, raffle produce the final list of 50.

PS: The list of winners will be the final 50 through Feb. 20 at night, “Hangzhou Dodo help” micro-channel push, please pay attention. Meanwhile, when the Saturday class, please forward sportswear, sports shoes admission, but bring their own towels and convenient after-bath.


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